This year Sigep Penn Theta decided to throwback to our Booth theme from X years ago and build a Star Wars themed Booth, but this time with designed after the new movie The Force Awakens. This year’s Booth chairs Brian Walsh and James Gualtieri pulled the house through a particularly weather plagued build week and we were able to rally the house and get the Booth done in time. And despite all the setbacks and crazy weather we won FIRST PLACE!


For those of you who are reading this wondering what on earth Booth is, imagine a cross between a fun house at a fair, a Disney ride without the moving car, and an arcade game. For a week leading up to CMU’s Spring Carnival student organizations from across campus come together and build themed one or two story buildings. A typical Booth has different rooms which are made to look like paces from the selected theme, and there is usually a game built into the Booth and little trinket to take home with you. Some of the highlights from our Booth this year included an open-air second floor courtyard and a diorama of some of the space fights from The Force Awakens. To top it all off, brother Ricardo Tucker coded a VR game where players could fly around in the Millennial Falcon and experience a real space battle (needless to say this was a fan favorite!).

This year’s build week was an especially hectic one. This Booth had a few cool features that, while wicked cool, made it a harder Booth to build. A giant fallen AT-AT droid as the front wall and a second story open-air courtyard were just a few of the more challenging features of this year’s Booth design. And as if building all this in just under a week wasn’t enough, this year the weather did not cooperate and the build site was closed four times over the course of our last build day! Needless to say we were extremely relieved once we finished building and knew for sure we were going to open in time.

We are super proud of all the work we did this year wit Booth. Participating in this very old, very special CMU tradition is always very rewarding, especially when we are recognized for our hard work and get to take a big old 1st place trophy back to the house! We would also like to give out a special thank you so much to all the alumni who help us out with Booth this year!