What is Buggy?

A Buggy is a 6-7 foot long carbon fiber torpedo-like composite vehicle designed and built by CMU students. Our buggies are fast, safe, three wheeled racing vehicles driven around a course by a small, light-weight CMU student. The buggy is powered by gravity and a team of 5 pushers who pass it like a batton. Although SigEp Racing has only been around for 16 years, making us one of the younger competitive organizations, we have shot to the top of the field, placing second twice in the past five years. Check out this video to get an idea of what exactly buggy is. In this video we’re racing KRAKEN, one of our faster buggies.


SigEp engineers and designs our buggies for safety, speed, and style. When we build a new buggy we start from scratch, a process that involves countless hours of design and testing in order to optimize every component of the buggy. We then build them using cutting edge composite materials. Weeks are spent tweaking them using road tests so that we can make them go fast. REALLY fast. Like nearly 40mph fast. The time and effort that a buggy requires does not go unrecognized, and the new skills those who do buggy gain often turn out to be very useful. Many brothers have secured jobs with companies like Chrysler and Boeing because of the skills they learned through buggy. And this year Sigep also put in some extra effort on the outward design of our buggys. The results were awesome, as our newest Buggy, Beyoncé, won an award for most creative design.

Beyonce Buggy

A well designed buggy is nothing without a great driver (we have, without a doubt, the best drivers around) and a team of exceptional pushers. The buggy course is broken down into five hills, each requiring a different combination of speed and strength. In order to put together teams that optimize the balance of skills, pushers and drivers come to morning rolls on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year, and “midnight rolls” during warm spring evenings where teams can focus on specific hills in order to cut their times down.

Pushing, driving, or having built a buggy makes raceday one of the most fun and fulfilling things you can do at CMU. This past race day we fielded 5 teams: Men’s A, B and C, and Women’s A and B. And won Third place with our Men’s A team this year in the Buggy Sweepstakes.
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