Niko Torres

nikoWhen I was a freshman at CMU, I found myself quickly involved in a lot of different organizations. While I really enjoyed my involvements, something I realized I didn’t have was a very strong, solid community. As my freshman year went on, I had met a lot of different people in a various areas on campus who were involved in Greek Life. Most of these people were friends I looked up to and respected, and hearing about their experience in Greek Life made it all the more appealing to me. Through being an Orientation Counselor my sophomore year, I got to make friends with a lot of upperclassmen and people I had not previously met around campus. Coincidentally, a lot of these people happened to be brothers of SigEp. After rushing in the fall, it became clear to me that all of the brothers of SigEp were very supportive, genuine, and generally awesome people. I had finally found a community I could anchor myself to for my entire time at CMU.

Having been involved for a semester now, the friends and experiences I have gained from our chapter have been invaluable. As a person who never thought I would have rushed a fraternity, I can now say that joining SigEp was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had here at CMU so far. Coming into my second semester and having a position as a Rush Chair, I am really looking forward to getting more people interested in joining SigEp and Greek Life. I’m excited to get much more involved in SigEp events and share more awesome experiences with my brothers this spring. *two thumbs up*